Making Siri Shortcuts run automatically – even when iOS doesn’t want you to

Let’s talk about something fun and related to my new obsession with Siri Shortcuts and CarPlay. Namely, how to trick iOS into running Shortcut automations that the OS doesn’t typically allow you to do.

Triage Your Email in the Car with Siri

With this script, Siri will speak a summary of your unread emails and then allow you to take action on each individual message. You can listen to the full email body. Or, you can archive, delete, mark as spam, mark as read or unread, and send a reply.

Rebecca Stand and the phone reason

If you saw my tweet from earlier today then you’ll already know the punchline to this particular bug report. But for those of you who don’t follow my every dumb online comment, I present to you the strangest corner case I’ve come across in fifteen years of professional development. The app I work on during […]

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So, uhhhh. This isn’t good. I really hope I’m just confused and not sounding a false alarm, but… Back in April I wrote a quick post about how I was backing up the shared iCloud Photo albums that my friends and family all use to send pictures and videos of our kids back and forth. […]

Perfectly Cropped

Here’s a fun, personal story about what can go wrong in an otherwise fine UI when things are redesigned. My wife typically only charges her phone when she’s at her desk during the day. She doesn’t leave it plugged in overnight, which means iOS’s software update never happens automatically for her. So, she just recently […]


Feels like the future

Nick Heer writes about AirPods at Pixel Envy: It’s also the category of tech products that, I think, comes closest to feeling futuristic today I’ve never managed to phrase it like that in my head, but that’s exactly my feelings, too. For two reasons: One: AirPods are a damn marvel of technology and miniaturization. They’re […]



So last week was incredibly stupid. I’ve had one thing I’ve written reach the #1 spot on Hacker News before, plus an old website that reached the top of the trending charts, as well as a few moronic tweets that garnered a couple hundred likes, and one appearance on Slashdot back in the day. […]

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