This is a partial list of projects I’m working on or have contributed to. I try to keep it current, but you know how that goes. (Note: these are just the personal projects I’ve built myself. If you’re interested in learning about the various things I’ve done for full-time and freelance jobs, please get in touch.)

Do any of these projects look interesting? Think I might be a good fit to help you or your team build something cool? Let me know.

Commercial Projects

TextBuddy 2021 – Present
A small Mac app I made by accident. It’s a Swiss Army knife for text.

Fastmarks 2021 – Present
Instant access to all your bookmarks.

Ears 2020 – Present
The instant audio switcher for macOS.

Spotish 2020 – 2022
Spotify in your menu bar.

Projects on Hiatus

GeoHooks 2015 – 2017
Location-based webhooks for hackers with a focus on privacy. Lets you control and automate anything in your online life or home that can be triggered via a webhook or API call – all based on rules around you or your family’s current location. (Seriously one of my all-time favorite projects ever. I’ll get back to it one day.)

Old Apps / Websites I Sold to Other Companies

CommandQ 2011 – 2022
A small Mac utility that stops you from accidentally quitting an app by mistake. Received a major update and facelift in June 2019. (Sold to another company in 2022.)

Minion 2014 – 2015
A clever app to monitor long-running tasks on your Mac. Just tell it what to look for, and Minion can notify you via SMS, email, and push notification when the job is done. (Sold to another developer in 2015.) 2006 – 2007 for code snippets. (Sold to my former employer in 2006.) 1998 – 2005
Formerly the web’s largest Stephen King resource. (Sold to a publishing company the week I graduated college in 2005.)

Old Apps That Died

Rebudget 2020 – 2022
Rebudget is a wonderfully simple way to visualize your personal finances over time. See your balance’s natural ebb and flow as paychecks arrive, recurring bills go out, and unexpected expenses arise.

VirtualHostX 2007 – 2021
An easy-to-install local server environment for macOS. VHX gives you all the tools you need to build and test websites locally on your Mac. It includes a full Apache web server, so you can run as many PHP-based websites as you want.

Hobo 2014 – 2020
A native Mac app to control your Vagrant boxes and edit Vagrantfiles on your Mac. You can quickly start, stop, and reload your Vagrant machines. And you can easily create a new Vagrantfile from scratch.

Hostbuddy 2012 – 2021
Manage and update the /etc/hosts file on your Mac. Add new entries and turn on and off existing ones with one click. It’s perfect for switching between staging and production servers or testing your new website before it goes live.

Nottingham 2009 – 2019
Your very own personal, plain-text wiki. It’s a simple and elegant place to store your notes, thoughts, and ideas and link them with [[WikiLinks]]. Insanely fast full-text search across even the largest of libraries, plus @tags and cross-references, mean you can organize your notes in any way that suits your particular preferences.

Triage 2018 – 2019
Manage the thousands of photos stuck in your phone’s camera roll. Sort the best into albums, archive the one’s worth keeping, and throw away the rest.

Upshot 2014 – 2017
The fastest way to upload photos, videos, and audio notes into Dropbox. (Great potential. Sadly discontinued.)

Shutterbox 2014 – 2015
Browse your photo library stored in Dropbox as easily as the Photos app on your phone. (Dropbox completely killed off their old API and built a new one. Not enough sales to warrant reintegrating the app.)

Incoming! 2009 – 2013
A Twitter search client for your Mac. (Twitter killed it because they hate 3rd party developers.)

Highwire 2009 – 2011
Access your Mac’s shared services from anywhere. Formerly a commercial app, but failed miserably. Automatically creates a secure reverse SSH tunnel and forwards your Mac’s Bonjour services over the internet.

Open Source Projects

For a complete list of my open-source code, see my GitHub page.

An open-source version of the Xcode project template, which I start most of my new projects with. It’s a super-fast way to get past all the usual setup stuff and quickly prototype an idea. Read the motivation behind it.

Simple PHP Framework
A pragmatic approach to building websites with PHP. An ancient project dating back to 2004, but kept current and still extremely useful for getting stuff done without fuss or ceremony.

Shine + OpenFeedback
Cocoa framework and web dashboard for running your indie Mac software business.

A reverse-engineered wrapper around Apple’s Find My iPhone API. There’s also a Mac desktop client.

The first PHP library for Amazon Web Services waaaaay back in 2006. Now horribly outdated and broken.

YUI App Theme
A generic, skinnable web application layout built using YUI Grids. Built before the mobile web was a thing.

I couldn’t find a suitable URL shortening service that met my needs, so I built a simple one that did.

PHP Growl
Growl network protocol library for PHP.

Command line utility for storing static content in Amazon S3 according to website performance best practices.