This is a partial list of projects I’m currently working on or have contributed to in the past. I try to keep it up to date, but you know how that goes.

Commercial Projects

  • VirtualHostX – Apache virtual hosting for macOS.
  • Hobo – The premiere tool for managing Vagrant on your Mac.
  • Hostbuddy – Tame your /etc/hosts file.
  • Nottingham – Your personal, plain-text wiki.

Projects on Hiatus

  • GeoHooks – Location-based webhooks for hackers.
  • Minion – Monitor your Mac
  • Upshot – The fastest way to upload photos, videos, and audio notes into Dropbox
  • Incoming! – A Twitter search client for your Mac
  • CommandQ – A small Mac utility that stops you from accidentally quitting an app by mistake
  • Web Sharing Preference Pane – A replacement System Preferences pane that lets you turn web sharing on/off

Open Source Projects

For a complete list of my open source code, see my GitHub page.

  • simple-url-shortener I couldn’t find a suitable URL shortening service that met my needs, so I built a simple one that did.
  • Sosumi – A Find My iPhone desktop client for Mac OS X
  • Shine + OpenFeedback – Cocoa framework and web dashboard for indie Mac developers
  • Highwire – Access your Mac’s shared services from anywhere
  • PHP-AWS – Amazon web services library written in PHP 5
  • PHP Growl – Growl network protocol library for PHP
  • s3up – Command line utility for storing static content in Amazon S3
  • Simple PHP Framework – A pragmatic approach to building websites with PHP 5
  • PHP GeoPlanet – A PHP wrapper for Yahoo!’s GeoPlanet web service
  • YUI App Theme – A generic, skinnable web application layout built using YUI Grids
  • Twitter plugin for Growl – Forward your Growl notifications to Twitter

Past Projects