Small Bytes

On January 24th, 2020 I tweeted:

One day I will get around to either releasing or open sourcing the dozen or so bespoke, one-off Mac apps I’ve built just for myself. Today is not that day.

Ok, now it’s that day.

This page is where I collect all of the odd things I’m working on, prototyping, and tinkering with. Some are just for me and likely always will be. Others are barely more than experiments and what-ifs. A few might eventually become real apps someday.

But for now, these experimental apps are offered for free with no support or warranty. They should all mostly work fine since I use them myself, but I also can't guarantee they won't catch your Mac on fire or turn your dog into a sailboat.

If you have feedback or questions about any of these projects, I'd love to hear. If any of them are useful, you can buy me a coffee to encourage future development.

Mac Apps

Capture Thing

A super-quick way to capture a running log of what you're working on throughout the day - including screenshots and your active web browser tabs.

The Title

A silly Mac app built to make a point about desktop Safari's updated UX during the Summer 2021 beta season.

Meeting Buddy

Automatically capture, archive, and transcribe screenshots of your video conference meetings.

Three Things

Plan your three most important daily tasks in a monthly calendar format. Updated here.

Finder Catalog Numbers

Easily cross-reference related files using a nerdy numbering system that probably only applies to me.

Calendar Hero

Pin your weekly calendar to your macOS desktop. (macOS needs real desktop widgets. Fight me.)

Tiny Mac app to help run lightweight, video standup meetings.

Surtainly Not

A dumb joke to make a point about poor design decisions.


An HTTP webhook style interface to run shell commands. Likely a terrible idea and security minefield.


Sync your macOS desktop icon positions over iCloud. Download here.


Browse, export, and archive your shared iCloud photo albums. [Update: Take a look at Iris.]

Fastmail Wrapper for macOS

Native Mac wrapper around that supports multiple accounts and desktop notifications.

Command Line Tools


A command-line static website generator written in Swift.

Does Not Contain

A command-line tool to find files not matching a certain string. (Because I'm otherwise really bad a writing shell scripts.)


Triple Tap to Capture

Capture tasks into OmniFocus from any app just by triple-tapping the back of your phone.

Talking to OmniFocus

A few examples of querying information from OmniFocus using Siri.

The App That Never Was

A story about an iOS app I was never able to finish and the small shortcut that eventually replaced the need for it.

Preparing For Work Meetings

A shortcut I use to quickly prepare for upcoming work meetings.

Web Stuff

A Simple, Open-Source URL Shortener

Super-simple URL shortener with an even simpler API written in PHP.