Tyler Hall is a Mac, iOS, and (former) web developer.

I did the whole Bay-Area-big-tech-company-thing for a while, but now I'm happy to be back in Nashville, Tennessee.

During the day I write software for robots, and in my spare time I work on my own apps under my tiny software development company, Click On Tyler. We make productivity software for web developers and designers (among other things). Our flagship apps, VirtualHostX, Hostbuddy, and Hobo, are loved by over fifty-thousand web developers.

You can stalk me further on Twitter, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

Here's a small collection of my past projects - both commercial and open source - as well as what I'm currently working on.

I occasionally take on interesting freelance projects, and my real résumé is available upon request.

Oh. And I like baseball. A lot.

Feel free to say hello by emailing rth@tyler.io.

And in case you're more curious...