Apple Asked For Feedback

Apple asked for feedback from developers today in an email survey. I try to keep this blog positive and restrict most of my snark to Twitter, but I figured I might as well post it here, too. If you can’t see that image for some reason, here’s what I wrote: I’m a long-time, independent Mac… Continue reading

Losing Faith

I posted this to Twitter earlier today, but thought I’d add it here for posterity… Last week I mentioned that I had been yelling about Apple a lot on here lately and was going to try and be more positive. But allow me one more thought before I shut up… We went on vacation this… Continue reading

iTunes Match Failed Me

Remember iTunes Match? It's great. But Apple stopped promoting it (probably rightly so) a couple years ago when they realized they could make more money charging $10/month for Apple Music than Match's $25/year. Anyway, I loved it and still do. It uploads all of your digital music to Apple's cloud and makes it streamable on… Continue reading