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Backing Up Everything (Again)

10 minute read.

This will take a while. Bear with me. I’m obsessive about backing up my data. I don’t want to take the chance of ever losing anything important. But that doesn’t mean I’m a data hoarder. I like to think I’m pragmatic about it. And I don’t trust anyone else to do it for me. From […]

Can the Cloud Be Your Only Backup?

4 minute read.

With the news today that CrashPlan is exiting the consumer market, many folks are beginning to scramble looking for the next best backup solution. I can tell you right away that’s BackBlaze. It’s simple to setup, costs only $5/month/computer, and has the best-behaved-Mac-like software of any of the major backup providers. Download it, install it, […]

iCloud Doesn’t Backup Your Photos

4 minute read.

I had a conversation yesterday with two friends. Neither one is technical at a developer level, but both are long-time Mac and iPhone users. They know their way around the platform. My first friend, we’ll call him Ted, said he was having trouble with his iPhone. His photos and videos had grown to take up […]

Remember to Backup

1 minute read.

I’ve written twice before about how important it is to have reliable, automatic backups running on all of your machines. I’m especilly thankful for mine this weekend. After travelling for the American holiday, I returned home to find my iMac in an unbootable state. I’m not sure what happened exactly — all I could tell […]

Backblaze Saves the Day

2 minute read.

Back in June I wrote a detailed post describing how I backup my data. One of the key components of my backup strategy was using Backblaze for continuous, offsite recovery in the event of a disaster. Well, disaster struck. Last week, the hard drive in my father’s MacBook died. In the past, I’d setup a […]

How I Backup my Mac

6 minute read.

Four years ago, on another blog, I wrote about my file backup strategy — everything I use to keep my data safe. A lot has changed since then. CD’s and DVD’s have fallen by the wayside, raw hard disk space has gotten insanely cheap, and online storage has finally taken off in a big way. […]