Reviving an Old Mac App

A long time ago, on a Mac far, far away… In 2011 I had an idea for a tiny little Mac app called CommandQ. I’m a terrible touch-typist and it just so happens that on U.S. style keyboard layouts, the Q and W keys are right next to each other. That means I’d often press […]

The Mac Won’t Be Sherlocked

With last week’s WWDC news announcing that Catalyst (Marzipan) is now an official thing, there have been a metric crap-ton of Twitter Hot Takes™ declaring UIKit the one true way forward. I’m not going to debate that. Instead, I just want to point out that not everything in computing revolves around a 44pt tap target […]

Keyboard Maestro macOS

My Favorite Email Spam Filtering Rule

All of my email is hosted at FastMail across two domains: for personal for business And across those two domains I basically have just three email addresses. [email protected] is my primary email address that I migrated to when I switched away from Gmail five years ago. And then there’s [email protected], which was originally […]

Nerdery Productivity

Automatically backup up the full contents of your Pinboard (and Pocket) bookmarks in DEVONthink

This is a followup to my post last week about archiving your existing Pinboard bookmarks into DEVONthink. I wanted to clarify two points and also explain the new workflow I’ve setup to automatically archive any new websites I bookmark – whether in Pinboard or Pocket. First, in my last post, I said “I recently stopped […]

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