Monthly Archives: August 2014

First Impressions of Using Drip for Email Marketing Automation

2 minute read.

About six months ago I began collecting the email addresses of folks who downloaded my app, VirtualHostX. This was entirely opt-in. I simply placed a MailChimp signup form on my download page. I promised users who join a three email course introducing them to a few of the major VirtualHostX features and a 10% off […]

My Favorite Coffee Cup

3 minute read.

I feel slightly ridiculous even writing this post, but I always appreciate it when other folks review and suggest products that have made their lives a little better. So, here goes. The Tervis 12oz Tumbler is the best coffee cup I’ve ever owned. You would think it wouldn’t matter what sort of coffee cup you […]

Indie Developers are Stronger Together / Sharing Our Numbers

4 minute read.

After publishing my Mac app financials last month, I received mostly positive comments. But a few people did share with me, over Twitter and email, their displeasure for what I wrote. They seemed to think that I was only writing to jump on Jared’s bandwagon, to grab some cheap, easy traffic, or to show off. […]

Mailing Lists Are Your Friend

8 minute read.

In this post I thought I’d share my history maintaining mailing lists for my products, how I make the most of them, and what sort of success they have and haven’t brought me. Near the bottom, I’m also going to share some real data about my open rates, etc. To begin with, it took me […]

Marketing is just another stage in the development process

2 minute read.

Despite spending three years working in the Yahoo! Marketing department, I’m a terrible marketer when it comes to my own company. I’ll often be in the process of explaining to my wife some new marketing tactic I’m considering trying, when she’ll stop me and say “You sound like you’re apologizing for doing this. You don’t […]

Encouraging Serendipity

3 minute read.

One of the challenges of running a small software business is how to turn customers into advocates for your company and products. It’s a challenge because unless there’s a support exchange, it’s entirely possible for your customer to go the entire lifetime of the app without ever having any direct interaction with you. Some customers […]

Zero Sales Days with a Little Impostor Syndrome Mixed In

2 minute read.

Even after seven years of selling my software, there are still days when I feel like I’m a fraud and have no idea what I’m doing. Those feelings are never more real than on days when I don’t make a sale. I’m lucky that they’re now few and far between compared to when I was […]

Your First Success is a Trap

3 minute read.

My good friend Mike and I have been discussing a theory about indie developers. I call it The Trap of Your First Success. Our idea is that while it’s incredibly hard to build a successful indie product, it’s even harder to repeat that success because of a trap indie developers often fall into. Let me […]