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I’ve been running my own software business since 2007. I’ve learned that just like you can always improve your code, you can also always improve how you run your business. These posts are about everything I’ve learned along the way towards being better at marketing, sales, and running my company.


Eleven years ago this August, after spending about three months hacking my way through AppKit and Cocoa, I somehow managed to release my first Mac OS X software product – VirtualHostX. I didn’t do any marketing for it. All I did was post its logo and a short description on the home page of my […]

Making Money Outside the Mac App Store

One of the themes of this blog is how I make money selling my own Mac apps on my website rather than through the Mac App Store. I truly believe it’s the best way to go if you’re serious about earning a living. That said, not everyone has time to write their own backend sales […]

Wrapping up 2015

Last year, I wrote about my final sales numbers for 2014. Now that 2015 is wrapping up, it’s time to do the same. I had very high expectations going into 2015. I released Hobo right at the start of the new year and planned a major update to VirtualHostX for the Fall. With both of […]

I Will Not Use the Phrase “Growth Hacking”

But I will call it marketing. It’s always something that I’ve been interested in, but it’s also something I’ve always put off until “I have more time”. Well, that time is now. I spent two days in December and did a thorough review of my little software business. The obvious take away is that 90% […]

Even Panic is Having Trouble Making Money on iOS

(I hope the title of this post doesn’t misrepresent what Cabel wrote.) The 2014 Panic Report is a wonderfully candid look into Panic’s successes and struggles throughout 2014. Continuing in line with the trend of small developers finding it difficult to make money on iOS is this nugget… Wow! 51% of our unit sales came […]

Benefits of Selling Outside the Mac App Store

Dan Counsell, founder of Realmac Software with an up-front and insightful post about the benefits of selling your software outside the Mac App Store. Imagine if your app made $30,000 in the first month it launched. That’s great, apart from the fact that you have to give Apple $9,000 of that. Is the service they […]

2014 Business Yearly Review

Inspired by this article on doing a year-end review of your indie business, I took a few minutes and calculated some stats and compiled my major accomplishments from 2014. The result was eye-opening and made me feel more than a little bit proud. I’ve made a conscious effort to be more transparent about my business […]

That Connection

I don’t code every day. Even when my only job was running my little company, I never had enough work in the pipeline to keep me busy in Xcode five days a week. The actual programming part of my job comes in fits and spurts as I work on new features and bug fixes. The […]

More App Rejections

From Cromulent Labs, whose app launching widget was initially approved by Apple and then removed from the App Store: But this time I decided to make a more concerted effort, start a company, and see if I could make some app (or apps) that could simply keep me employed and pay the bills….As with any […]

Being an Indie is Hard

Zach Waugh of Giant Comet and Flint fame writes: But even after I released Flint for iOS in late 2013, I was only making about half of what I would need to go full-time comfortably. Building apps by yourself is a grind, and I was starting to wear thin, so I decided to leave Giant […]