What I'm Doing Right Now

Here's what I'm currently working on (last updated June 14, 2020):


  • As of May 27, I'm thrilled that my oldest (and best selling!) app VirtualHostX Pro is now part of the Setapp family. 180 quality Mac apps for $10/month. I was a paying subscriber for two years prior to my own app joining.
  • GrannySmith is one of the craziest apps I've ever built in terms of how it works and what it's trying to accomplish. It's an unofficial client for Apple's shared iCloud photo albums that helps you stay in control of your data.
  • I also recently released Ears. It's a pay-what-you-want micro-app that lets you switch your Mac's audio input and output devices with just a keyboard shortcut - no mouse needed. It's ideal for folks who frequently switch between AirPods, 3rd party bluetooth headsets, and their Mac's internal speakers or headphone jack.
  • After being in beta since January, Rebudget offically launched April 1, 2020 directly to customers and on the Mac App Store. Rather than tracking your finances, the app is designed to help you forecast your budget and compare different financial plans and decisions.

(Active) Open Source Projects

  • Roland is an open source, blog-aware, static website generator written in Swift that also uses PHP under the hood because PHP is still the best template language.
  • I maintained DefaultApp privately in various forms for over a decade before open sourcing it this year. Anytime I start a new app - big or small, whether or not it's something I plan on releasing publicly or if it's just a small prototype or utility app I'm building for myself - I start with this project.

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I thought this list was a fun idea inspired by Matt Gemmell, who was inspired by Derek Sivers.