Here’s what I’m currently up to.

Last updated August 4, 2021.


I've never been able to read one book at a time. I always have at least three stacked on the table next to my bed. My attention span as a developer isn't any better, which is why my Trello account has twelve "active" boards for various Mac and iOS apps I'm working on. But if I have to pick three...

  • TextBuddy is a small Mac app that came about accidentally. It's a Swiss Army knife for plain text.
  • Fastmarks gives you instant access to all of your bookmarks from anywhere on your Mac.
  • Iris Photos is my white whale. It's slow going because I want to get it right.

Books I'm reading:

On Heavy Rotation:

My top six, most-played albums in June, 2021 - according to Plex. (I make no apologies.)

Kickstarters and Patreons I'm supporting:

Causes I'm Donating To:

I thought this list was a fun idea inspired by Matt Gemmell, who was inspired by Derek Sivers.