Here's what I'm currently working on (last updated July 26, 2019):

  • VirtualHostX 9.0. This is the next major release of my local macOS web development environment and is shaping up to be the biggest one yet. There are a few new features that I've been dogfooding for the last few months that I'm really excited about, and other big changes I can't wait to build. Aiming for a release this Fall to coincide with macOS 10.15.
  • Hostbuddy 3.0. The third major update to my /etc/hosts management app. Since it's a handy companion app to to VirtualHostX, the goal is to release it along with VHX 9 this Fall.
  • An un-named personal finance tracking app. I'm finally building the budgeting app I've always wanted for myself, and hopefully other people will like it, too! I wrote a brief overview of my goals for the app.

Books I'm reading:

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I thought this list was a fun idea inspired by Matt Gemmell, who was inspired by Derek Sivers.