“highly stable dystopias”

Max Hodak:

The premise of democracy is that society should be governed according to the will of the people....Without the ability to have your own private thoughts and discuss them with your friends and family, democracy is not possible, since there is no way to have political ideas and organize around them....Surveillance is intimately tied up in not just freedom of expression, but freedom of thought itself.

It is likely that no more powerful tool for surveillance authoritarianism has ever been conceived by humans.

The last 30 years have been an unprecedented time of peace and prosperity for much of the world. It’s easy to miss just how anomalous this is historically. There is absolutely no guarantee that the future will be so bright, and on the contrary, there are now many plausible scenarios in which we head into highly stable dystopias. The most we can do for our children is to prevent this.

...if we’re not willing to defend our freedom when it is threatened, we don’t deserve to keep it.

Justin Kan:

Now is the moment to define the course of human history: ubiquitous surveillance state or privacy as a digital right.

Everyone should be fighting against this inflection. As customers we must demand more from Apple.

A Computer Company

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