Better Recurring Projects Using OmniFocus and TaskPaper

I’m a firm believer in the whole mind like water spiel that David Allen preaches through GTD. I jumped on the Gettings Things Done bandwagon around 2004 I think – the first of my two senior years in college. And here we are in 2020, which means I’ve been practicing this methodology (with varying levels of success) for over fifteen years. And now, looking back, I can see that it was probably 2010 – six years in! – before I became truly comfortable with letting go; before that whole mind like water state of flow finally became second nature. For …

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Remember standing in line at midnight to literally pay $129 for Jaguar? Or in 2007 for the iPhone launch? There could be no more literal embodiment of the Futurama SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY meme than the way I felt at those and many other Apple community events. It was a momentously joyful whirlwind of nerdery and consumerism run amok in truly the best way possible. The Apple of old used to earn our money by creating products we loved. Now it feels like they take our money by locking us into services we have no choice but to use.

The Patron Saint of Dumb Ideas

I’m going to try something new. And it’s so far outside my wheelhouse and what I would normally be comfortable with that the only reason I’m doing this is due to encouragement from my wife and the assurances of a few friends who swear it’s not a completely insane and arrogant idea.


I’m filled with rage and despair and also just sad thinking about what we in the tech industry unintentionally unleashed upon the world – and then willfully made worse through greed and arrogance. This is my small contribution to make things better. It likely won’t matter. But it does give me some relief to have done something. Anything.