Subscriptions or Bust

For a small software company whose product really is the app - as opposed to a SaaS with a companion app, or some other type of business that can bankroll an app by virtue of their real source of revenue - I don't see any other sustainable path forward than subscriptions.

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Indie Business Apple

A ridiculously dumb brute-force approach to getting around macOS's security UI and making my software a better experience for my customers

Until Apple gives 3rd party developers a way to properly request the permissions we need to build the apps our customers want, hacks like these are going to be the norm.

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Making Siri Shortcuts run automatically - even when iOS doesn’t want you to

Let’s talk about something fun and related to my new obsession with Siri Shortcuts and CarPlay. Namely, how to trick iOS into running Shortcut automations that the OS doesn’t typically allow you to do.

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