Uncategorized Jan 02, 2018

I’ve always been fascinated with geo technologies and location based services. When I worked for Yahoo!, I was always bugging Tom Coates and Gary Gale about all things geo – including the sadly ahead of its time FireEagle web service.

Anyway, for the last two years I’ve been tinkering off and on with an idea of my own – geohooks. They’re webhooks that are triggered based on the location of you, another person, or a combination of multiple people.

I’m really happy to announce that is now available for people to beta test. You can sign-up for free here: You’ll also need our iPhone app. You can get in on the test flight magic by @’ing me here or on Twitter or by email.

So what can GeoHooks do? Well…

  • Call a webhook when you enter or leave a specific geofenced area
  • Send an SMS to your spouse when you leave work and you’re on your way home
  • Send an SMS to your spouse when you leave work that also inculdes Google’s traffic estimate
  • Turn off the lights in your smarthome when both of you leave the house
  • Keep track of how long you’re at work each day
  • View a live map of where all of your account members currently are
  • Trigger any service on IFTTT
  • Securely share your current location to 3rd party web services with a level of accuracy you control (pour one out for FireEagle)

And much, much more.

Anythign you can trigger with a URL, you can now control with your location. GeoHooks is location-based webhooks for hackers, with a focus on privacy.

I’d love your feedback.