2014 Business Yearly Review

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2014

Inspired by this article on doing a year-end review of your indie business, I took a few minutes and calculated some stats and compiled my major accomplishments from 2014. The result was eye-opening and made me feel more than a little bit proud.

I’ve made a conscious effort to be more transparent about my business dealings this year because I truly believe getting more people to share these kinds of numbers will benefit the community as a whole. So, here’s my 2014 review of Click On Tyler

  • Earned $61,500 in sales ($168/day)
  • Grew revenue by 6%
  • Gained 1,714 new customers (40% down from 2013 new customers)
  • Sold 1,961 copies of my software
  • $31.36 average sale price
  • Launched new, responsive website design
  • Launched VirtualHostX 5.0 with folders, SSL support, custom directive templates
  • Launched VirtualHostX 6.0 and reset the app’s development cycle to coincide with Apple
  • Built and launched Minion
  • Built and beta launched Hobo
  • Built Upshot
  • Built and launched Shutterbox
  • Retired Incoming!
  • Retired Traffic Advisor
  • Migrated off Rackspace to Linode
  • Integrated a FAQ/support website into
  • Introduced commercial licenses with priority support
  • Began writing regularly at
  • Wrote 56 blog posts. 35,900 words
  • Wrote half a book on my Dropbox photography workflow. 11,251 words
  • Gained 883 newsletter subscribers (42% growth)
  • Sent 11 newsletter campaigns (10,789 emails)
  • 68% newsletter open rate (19,447 opens, 7,406 unique opens) (18% industry average)
  • 15% newsletter click-through rate (2,217 clicks, 1,666 unique clicks) (2.5% industry average)

All of that, while caring for (dealing with) our first son, who was born at the start of the year. And, while working a full-time job as well.

A sincere thank-you to all of my customers and everyone who reads this blog. I can’t wait for 2015.