Monthly Archives: November 2014

36 Hours With Amazon Echo

5 minute read.

For whatever reason, Amazon deemed me worthy of receiving an Echo last week. After laying down my $99 and a quick, overnight shipment, it was on my doorstep Friday afternoon. And now, after giving it a whirl for thirty-six hours, I thought I’d write up my initial observations. First of all, it’s bigger than I […]

Knowing When to Quit

2 minute read.

I hate using the word “quit”. Because it’s not quitting. It’s not even “giving up”. Today, the prolific Manton Reece wrote a blog post announcing that he is sunsetting his Twitter apps. This, after a recent announcement that Twitter’s (amazing!) new fully searchable tweet archives won’t be made available to third-party developers. Twitter’s fully-searchable index […]

An Indie Mac Business – Breaking Down the Year

2 minute read.

Back in July, for reasons outlined in these two posts, I wrote about the financials of my indie Mac software business. With the year coming to a close, and with the prodding of a few friends, I thought I’d share where the money from my total yearly sales actually goes. First, the big numbers. If […]

Twelve Hours

2 minute read.

A few months ago I wrote about how I’ve spent my software career constantly building new ideas and putting them out into the world to see what sticks. It’s scary as hell to release a new product into the world – never knowing how it will be received. But that’s the modus operandi for how […]

Handling Repeating Tasks and Routines in OmniFocus

3 minute read.

After reading my last post about my OmniFocus setup, Evan Lovely asked Could you talk more about your Routines? What’s in there? Does anything repeat? Do you set defer or due dates on them? He’s referring to a Single-Action List I have inside my “Personal” folder called “Routines”. Inside this project are actions and checklists […]

My Checklist For Releasing a New Mac App

1 minute read.

In my previous post about how I use OmniFocus, I made reference to an on-hold project template called “New App Release”. Anytime I release an update to one of my Mac apps, I follow this checklist. In case it’s useful to other developers, here’s what it contains… Verify build with Deploymate – this scans my […]

My Evernote @Inbox

1 minute read.

The best Evernote realization I ever had was to create an Evernote notebook called “@Inbox” and make it your Default Notebook. (The @ in front of the name ensures it will be sorted to the top of your notebook list.) From then on, you can quickly save notes and web pages into your Inbox notebook […]

My OmniFocus Habits – Four Years Later

6 minute read.

I’ve been using OmniFocus since the Kinkless days. Over those many years, my life has changed in countless ways, and with it, so has the way I use OmniFocus. Perhaps the best compliment I can give the app, is that it’s always managed to be exactly what I needed it to be at any given […]