Big or Small

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2014

I’ve always gone with portability and sleekness over outright power and versatility. I bought an 11″ MacBook Air the day they came out. I switched to an iPad Mini from the bulky third generation iPad. I walk around with a slim wallet. I keep my iPhone naked in my pocket – no case.

So I was hesitant but very curious about the iPhone 6 Plus. I’ve always scoffed at Android users with huge phones – mainly because I never saw the benefit. Very few Android apps adapt themselves to take advantage of the extra screen real estate. Most users spend all day with stretched and scaled up apps that could just as easily run on a smaller screen device. But with Apple’s recent advancements in AutoLayout, size classes, and their keynote demo, I love the idea of the additional UI elements a larger screen iPhone could provide.

That said, it goes against my very nature not to get the most portable device I can afford.

But after spending a day with a Samsung Note III in my pocket as a size comparison, I came to a realization I hope comes true.

The 6 Plus may be a huge phone, but it might just allow me to give up my iPad (which I don’t use very often) and consolidate down to only one iDevice.

In that sense, going with the Plus actually is the smaller option.