My App Strategy – Keep Trying New Things

One strategy I’ve tried throughout my software career is to fail often and fail fast. Any time one of my ideas reaches the point where I seriously consider building it, I immediately think about how much I could sell it for. (And for what it’s worth, my second instinct, if it’s not a viable product, is to open source it, which I do quite frequently.) What this means is that over the last seven years I’ve built quite a few apps – many of which have been formally discontinued or become abandonware. I’m not proud of shutting down products and …

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More Business Advice from Gus Mueller

Gus with his strategy for success: My basic strategy is to make a useful quality product, and sell it at a fair and sustainable price. If your app is quality, it will find customers. And then those customers will tell their friends, and the news sites will notice it. And since you’re charging a fair price a virtuous circle will form.

A Candid Look at the Financial Side of Building Mac Apps on Your Own

Earlier today, my friend Jared Sinclair published an incredibly brave and candid blog post summarizing the financial earnings of his iOS app, Unread. To the extent that my wife is comfortable with, I’d like to share my own financial situation as another data point – but from the perspective of someone who has experienced slow and steady growth developing Mac – not iOS – applications since 2007. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that Jared’s post was inspired by Brent Simmons’ blog post from last week. In it, Brent asks Who at the Table is an Indie iOS …

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