The Thrill

Uncategorized Apr 06, 2014

Yesterday, Daniel Jalkut tweeted

The only things better than shipping an app are the thankless months of hard work that go into making it halfway presentable. Yep, it’s fun. — Daniel Jalkut (@danielpunkass) April 4, 2014

That’s an apt way of describing the strange mix of joy and awe programmers feel when, after hours, days, maybe even weeks or months of work, the computer does what you tell it to do.

I’ve been working on my new app, Minion, for the last four weeks. And, today, I finally had my first successful end-to-end test run of the app. Everything on the client side worked beautifully and then successfully talked to the web service and delivered a notification to my phone. It’s a thrill to see everything come together. A high that I’m not sure I could achieve so frequently if I were in any other profession.