Unsupported Architecture When Submitting to Mac App Store

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2011

For any Mac developers out there who are seeing the following rejection notice when submitting to the Mac App Store:

Unsupported Architecture – Application executables may support either or both of the Intel architectures

Make sure you verify that any included frameworks are Intel only. You can do this using the lipo command:

lipo -info /path/to/SomeFramework.framework/Versions/A/SomeFramework

If the output lists anything other than i386 or x86_64 you’ll get rejected.

This was particularly painful for me because it appears this check is only run when submitting a new version of your app — PPC framework binaries don’t cause a rejection during the original app submission process. I thought I was going crazy since I had made no project changes since the first submission and running lipo on the app binary didn’t return anything unusual. Hopefully this will save someone else the hour of head scratching I just went through.