Sosumi – A MobileMe Scraper

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2009

Sosumi is a PHP script that scrapes MobileMe and exposes Apple’s Find My iPhone functionality to the command line or your own web application. This lets you pull your phone’s current location and push messages and alarms to the device.

Like my previous blog post that dealt with AT&T’s Family Map service, my goal was to connect my iPhone with Fire Eagle by Yahoo!. There are a few iPhone Fire Eagle updaters available, but they’re all limited by Apple’s third-party application restrictions. Sosumi gets around those restrictions by running every few minutes on your own server rather than the device itself. In my case, I’ve setup a cron job to run the script every fifteen minutes and push my location to Fire Eagle.

Until Apple releases a location API for MobileMe (not likely, and not their job), this will have to do.

Grab the code on GitHub.


$ssm = new Sosumi('username', 'password');
$location_data = $ssm->locate();
$ssm->sendMessage('Daisy, daisy...');