Google Voice Dialer

Last year I posted a PHP script that lets you dial phone numbers using Grand Central. I updated it this morning to support Google Voice as well. The syntax is the same <?PHP $gv = new GoogleVoice(‘[email protected]’, ‘password’); $gv->call($your_number, $their_number); You can grab the code from my google-voice-dialer project on GitHub.

YUI App Theme

Tonight I pushed a new project to GitHub called yui-app-theme. It’s a generic, skinnable layout designed for web applications — particularly admin areas — built using YUI Grids. In other words, it’s a starting point. Usually when doing freelance work for clients, unless you’re building on top of an existing CMS like WordPress or MiaCMS, you’ll have to create an admin area for the client to login and manage their site. Or maybe you’re building a bug tracker or some other web application. Whatever the situation, yui-app-theme provides a solid foundation to start your work. It offers a tabbed layout …

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