Download All of Your Flickr Photos and Sets

iLife ’09 was released today. And with it came a much improved version of iPhoto with facial recognition, geotagging, and Flickr and Facebook support. With so many new ways to slice and dice my photos, I wanted to start over with a clean slate and get everything organized in iPhoto before re-exporting my library back to Flickr or wherever. Before I could do that, I had to download all of my photos out of Flickr so I could import them into iPhoto. I wanted something simple that would also retain my photos in their correct sets when downloading. I found …

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Sync Your Adium Chat Logs With Dropbox

Here’s a handy trick that will let you sync your Adium chat logs across multiple Macs using Dropbox. From a command line, cd into your Dropbox folder cd ~/Dropbox and then ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adium\ 2.0/Users/Default/Logs “Adium Logs” That will create a symlink from your Dropbox folder to your Adium log directory. When syncing, Dropbox will follow this link and process your chat logs as if they were stored inside your Dropbox folder. Do this on each Mac you want to sync. I have two Macs at home and another at work — it’s worked like a charm so far. …

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Use Rapache to Manage Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu

For people who like the idea of VirtualHostX but want to setup virtual hosts on Ubuntu rather than Mac OS X, Stefano Forenza has created the Rapache project. Like VHX, Rapache is a GUI to manage Apache virtual hosts. With just a few clicks you can create a new host and the appropriate DNS settings for local development. Rapache Project

Forward Your Growl Notifications to Twitter

I’ve got three Macs that I regularly use. One at work, a laptop for personal use, and a Mac Mini connected to our living room TV. I use Growl on all three — it’s so ingrained in my workflow (IM notifications, new emails, background tasks) that I often forget it’s not a part of OS X. Keeping track of notifications on your local machine is easy — they just appear — but for computers in another room (or timezone even) it becomes trickier. Growl has support for sending notifications over a network (I’ve written some PHP code to send them), …

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