Lost’s Buried Treasures

Uncategorized Jan 16, 2008

For seven years I ran the largest Stephen King site on the net. When I sold it
in 2005 I thought I put that world behind me for good. I had a final article printed in Lighthouse Magazine and moved on. But, like most things, it has a way of creeping back into my life.

I had the good fortune of taking a class from David Lavery at MTSU. Last summer he invited me to contribute two short essays for his new book about the ABC television show Lost and its connection with Stephen King. I wrote one piece about his first novel Carrie and another about The Dark Tower.

Lost’s Buried Treasures was published last month — available on Amazon — it’s a great read for anyone gearing up for the start of season four.

Publisher’s excerpt:

Lost’s Buried Treasures is the first in-depth guide to the hundreds of clues and mysteries embedded in the Lost world. Bestselling Lost experts Lynnette Porter and David Lavery provide an extensive guide to the clues and secrets of the show, detailing the connections between the secrets and anticipating what they will mean for the shows ultimate mystery.

Just in time for Season 4, Lost’s Buried Treasures brings you up to date on the people, places, music, and pop culture of Lost’s first three seasons. This book is the perfect guide for fans of the series–or anyone who wants to know more about Lost before Season 4 begins.