Navigate Yahoo! Search Results Using Only Your Keyboard

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2007

Google has an experimental search page where you can test drive new search result layouts. My favorite is the Keyboard Shortcuts option. This lets you navigate and view search results
using only the keyboard – no mouse required! It’s a huge benefit for Quicksilver fans.

Now that Yahoo! is my default search engine, I desperately didn’t want to give up the keyboard shortcuts feature. Thanks to jQuery and Greasemonkey I don’t have to.

Make sure you’re using Firefox and have the Greasemonkey plugin loaded. Then,
click here to install.

I’ve chosen the same shortcut keys as Google. J and K move you up and down through the search results. Press return to view the selected link. You can even browse through multiple pages when you hit the end of the results. Pressing / will jump you to the search box if you’d like to run a new search. Hit escape to move back to the results.

You can view the source on Google Code.