iPhone Versus Dog

A lesson for all you iPhone owners out there: don't leave your phone on a
table that your dog can reach.

I got out of the shower this morning to find my dog, Gracie, gnawing away on
my phone in the middle of the living room. I was a little upset, but life goes
on. How'd the iPhone fare against the jaws of a 25-pound canine beast? See for
yourself . . .

Teeth marks all along the bottom

The bottom backside has a bunch of teeth marks in it. I can tell she was
really biting into it hard. The ringer/speaker is still alive - barely. Even
on full volume it's real quiet now. The screen protector took the most damage.
She bit holes right through a number of places, bent it back, and nearly had
it peeled off.

The screen protector took quite a beating

But the screen? The actual glass? Not a scratch on it. Wow.

But not a single scratch on the glass. Wow.