Retain Your Employees With Your Ideals, Not Your Perks

Uncategorized Nov 05, 2007

Earlier today I was asked what I look for in a job. Specifically, what it would take to retain me past the typical “three year burnout” period tech workers often find themselves up against. The usual answers came to mind: a fun corporate environment, challenging assignments, working with people smarter than myself. Those are all important factors, but they’re also…

50 States Programming Puzzle

Uncategorized Nov 01, 2007

Anders Pearson posted an interesting programming puzzle today on Take the names of two U.S. States, mix them all together, then rearrange the letters to form the names of two other U.S. States. What states are these? He found out about it from Mark Nelson who, in turn, heard it on NPR. It’s not a terribly difficult riddle if…

How to Enable PHP5 In Mac OS X Leopard

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2007

I’ve seen a lot of visitors searching for information on enabling PHP5 in Mac OS X Leopard. It turns out to be quite easy. Leopard ships with Apache 2 and PHP 5 pre-installed. To enable PHP simply: That’s it! PS – If you want any easy way to setup and manage virtual hosts on your Mac,check out VirtualHostX.

What is Twitter?

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2007

Nat from O’Reilly Radar: It reminded me of the time in my mis-spent youth when I got lost in IRC, spending evenings heckling the TV with my IRC friends. This is the geek equivalent of being stoner, by the way, with roughly the same effect on cognition . . . It’s a very loosely-coupled conversation. Spot on. An interesting (but…

foo9 URL Shortener

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2007

I was out of town for a couple days last week and had a lot of time to kill at my hotel. Needing something to do I decided to write my own URL shortening service. This is hardly an original idea – has been around for a long time. Newcomer url(x) is great, too. However, there are changes I’d…

iPhone Versus Dog

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2007

A lesson for all you iPhone owners out there: don’t leave your phone on a table that your dog can reach. I got out of the shower this morning to find my dog, Gracie, gnawing away on my phone in the middle of the living room. I was a little upset, but life goes on. How’d the iPhone fare against…

Lessons From a First Time Mac Developer

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2007

I’m a web developer by trade. I’ve been programming for the web for over tenyears – prior to that I was (god forgive me) a VisualBasic and then .NET developer. Ever since switching to Mac I’ve been interested in building software for OS X. Over the last few years I read up on Cocoa and wrote a few practice apps….

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