The Workshop

On January 24th, 2020 I tweeted:

One day I will get around to either releasing or open sourcing the dozen or so bespoke, one-off Mac apps I’ve built just for myself. Today is not that day.

Ok, now it’s that day.

Welcome to The Workshop. It’s where I collect all of the odd things I’m working on, prototyping, and tinkering with. Some are just for me and likely always will be. Others are barely more than expriments and what-ifs. A few might eventually become a real app someday.

Mac Apps

  • Calendar Hero: Your calendar on your Deskop. Also, macOS needs real widgets.
  • Ears: The fastest way to switch your Mac's audio input and output devices using just your keyboard.
  • Finder Catalog Numbers: A way to link together related files on macOS.
  • GrannySmith: A passion project if there ever was one. It's a Mac app that lets you browse and export your shared iCloud photo albums - including comments from your friends and family.
  • Jigsaw: Sync the position of your Mac's desktop icons over iCloud ????‍♀️
  • Shelley: A tiny menu bar app that lets you trigger actions (shell scripts) on your Mac via an HTTP request. It was originally built to integrate with on iOS, but it can be useful in other contexts, too.
  • Spotish: A Mac menu bar app for Spotify. It also integrates with Drafts because I’m weird.
  • A small Mac utility to help run your daily standup meetings and assist with screen sharing during video chats.
  • Surtainly Not: A tiny Mac app that fixes the transparent menu bar on macOS Big Sur. It's really just a joke to make a point. But it does work.
  • Three Things: It’s the tool I use to plan my larger goals and tasks a week or two at a time. It helps me stay productive and sanely commit to what I can and (most importantly) can’t do.

iOS Apps

  • Voxmail: Triage your email with Siri and CarPlay. At least until the world quarantined itself, I used it on my drive into work every morning to help prepare for the day.
  • When I Get There: Epic, location-based reminders for iOS. Do more with your location.