PHP-Growl is a PHP class that makes sending Growl notifications over a network easy. The code is released under the MIT Open Source License and hosted on GitHub.

Growl Pepper

I originally wrote this code as part of my Growl Pepper plugin for Shaun Innman's Mint stats tracking software. Anytime someone visited a page on my website the server would send a Growl notification to my computer. It's not very practical, but it is fun to see visitors on your site in real-time.

Using the code is pretty simple:

$growl = new Growl($some_ip_address, 'growl password');

// Register with the remote machine.
// You only need to do this once.

// Send your message
$growl->notify("My Alert", "New Website Visitor", "Here's the body text");

If all goes well (and you have UDP port 9887 open in your firewall settings) your Growl notification should go through.

Download the PHP-Growl source code.

View the Growl Network Protocol Format.