My Great Android Experiment: Part 0

1 minute read.

Being a longtime macOS user, when the iPhone arrived on store shelves, I never looked back. The mental model of iOS fit me better than any platform I’d ever used. And given my experience developing Mac software, bringing that knowledge to iOS apps was as simple as learning a new framework.

So I’ve been iOS-only since 2007. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used an Android device. Sure, we have a couple Amazon Fire tablets for the kids laying around, but those are just toys as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never owned or spent any in-depth time with Google’s offering. But, yet, here I sit, holding my new Pixel 2 in hand and wondering what to do next.

I’m not switching to Android. I’m too invested in the Apple ecosystem to consider that. But I am curious what the top-of-the-line Android experience offers. Particularly, because I want to learn to develop for Android. I feel like I’ve topped-out as far as I can go career wise without knowing the other side of the fence. I could just open up the latest Android book and start learning, but before I do that I want to immerse myself in the OS and learn the Android way of doing things.

As long as I can stay motivated, I plan on documenting my thoughts about switching on this blog in a series of posts.