tyler.io is my personal blog, but I'm elsewhere online, too.

First, there's my one-person software company that also happens to be named after myself. And GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter, of course.

Now that the world is on fire, I've been trying to write more about day-to-day life with my kids on my Dad blog. We're in unprecedented times, and I hope years from now (if we make it that far) I can look back and reflect on what life was like at the start of this decade.

I've deleted my Facebook and Instagram (😭) accounts, but I still keep a secret Insta-like photo journal blog for friends and family. It's public, but not advertised. If you happen to stumble upon it, please do say hello and enjoy all the pictures of my cute kids and the sandwiches I eat for lunch.

Finally, there's also a super secret blog that I use to rant and rave about the tech industry. But that's just between you and me.