Creating a Permanent SSH Tunnel Back to Your Mac at Home

Today’s post is a bit more technical than what I’ve been writing about lately, but it’s also partly for my own reference to save me some googling when I forget everything again in the future. I was always a big fan of Apple’s Back to My Mac service. I found it incredibly useful to be […]

Fixing Broken Backblaze B2 Scripts when Run From cron

Just a quick note for my future self and anyone else who might be running into this problem. Last week I migrated all of my backups off of Amazon S3 and to Backblaze B2. The cost savings are enormous – especially for a small business like myself. And the server-to-server transfer speeds using their […]

Backups Server Side

Importing Jekyll Posts into WordPress

Nearly four years ago I switched my main site over to Jekyll. It’s been great. But late last year I decided to make that site and its blog purely about my software business and move all of my non-work posts over to my domain so I could have a personal site again. To encourage […]

Jekyll PHP

Switching from GitHub to GitLab

I’ve been a happy paying customer of GitHub since early 2009. But yesterday, for a few different reasons, I deleted all of my private repositories and moved them over to a self-hosted installation of GitLab. I didn’t make that decision lightly, as I’ve been very happy with GitHub for the last five years, but here’s […]

Publishing Your Blog with Dropbox and Jekyll

Back in August I wrote about my experience switching this blog from WordPress to Jekyll. Three months in, I’m happy to report everything is going swimmingly. I survived a few high traffic moments from Hacker News and was thrilled to see the site stay up even when I managed to break MySQL on the server. […]


Switching From WordPress to Jekyll

Last week I finally took the plunge and completely switched this website from WordPress, which I had been using for over four years, to Jekyll. There are tons of articles online about switching, so I’m not going to attempt to write any sort of exhaustive guide about the process. These are just my own first […]


Serving Static Content on Amazon S3 with s3up

I’ve written twice about using Amazon S3 to host your website’s static content. It’s a great solution for small websites without access to a real content delivery network. And now that Amazon has launched CloudFront on top of S3, it’s even better. But there are still ways we can improve the performance. The trick is […]