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Coding on My iPad Pro

Last month, my 9-5 job was kind enough to gift me an iPad Pro and its new keyboard. I’ve had a few iPads in the past, but they’ve always ended up stashed away, unused, in a drawer somewhere. I simply never got hooked on their utility. I never found that killer app, which, for me, […]

My New Email Routine With SaneBox

I’ve written before about cutting back on notifications. Today I want to talk a bit about how I’m using a paid service called SaneBox to reduce unwanted email notifications even further. I initially found out about SaneBox six months ago from David Sparks. His enthusiastic recommendation was enough to get me to give the service […]

36 Hours With Amazon Echo

For whatever reason, Amazon deemed me worthy of receiving an Echo last week. After laying down my $99 and a quick, overnight shipment, it was on my doorstep Friday afternoon. And now, after giving it a whirl for thirty-six hours, I thought I’d write up my initial observations. First of all, it’s bigger than I […]

My Favorite Coffee Cup

I feel slightly ridiculous even writing this post, but I always appreciate it when other folks review and suggest products that have made their lives a little better. So, here goes. The Tervis 12oz Tumbler is the best coffee cup I’ve ever owned. You would think it wouldn’t matter what sort of coffee cup you […]

Bellroy Note Sleeve Wallet Review

For six years I carried a bright green, nylon, kid’s wallet I bought from Target. I enjoyed the simplicity and “funness” of it. But last year I finally decided to grow up and buy a real, adult wallet. I hate fat, George Costanza wallets and, as a rule, only carry the absolute bare minimum of […]

Printing and Mailing Photos to Your Grandparents

We have a three month old kid. That means we take a lot of photos. I’ve done the math, and in the last three months we’ve taken 1,202 photos of him. As I’ll write about in my upcoming book on Dropbox photography, all of those photos are stored and sorted in a shared Dropbox folder […]

My Favorite Chair

I’m a bit of a snob. I don’t just like nice things, I like the best things. That’s not to say I spend extravagantly or throw my money around, it’s just that when presented with buying a good product or saving my money a little longer and buying a better constructed, great product, I’ll usually […]


I’m a little obsessive about data collection and retention. I’ve written a number of times about all the different backup systems I have in place to protect my data. And over the last few years the amount of data I’m collecting about myself (and family) has continued to grow. We’re taking exponentially more photos, posting […]

Two Weeks With Drobo

So it’s been two weeks since my Drobo arrived from Amazon. I’m sure they’re selling like hotcakes, but I don’t personally know anyone else with one — I figured I might as well gather my thoughts and post a review. Hopefully this will give a good overview if you’re not already familiar with the device. […]