Finder Folder Actions not being triggered when files are added with rsync

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how I was automatically capturing the photos and videos my kids’ daycare emails to me and importing them into The major pieces of that script worked fine – parsing the emails, downloading the images, and then rsync’ing them down to my Mac every hour. But what was […]

Fixing a Broken Service With a Tiny Bit of Automation

This post is a nice, unintentional follow-up to yesterday’s one about backing up all of my family’s photos and home videos. Anyway… My kids go to a fantastic daycare. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. The teachers are wonderful, they love our children, and our kids adore them, too. But, the third-party service the […]

Finding Related Messages in Apple Mail

After migrating my company’s email away from Gmail a few years ago, I’ve become firmly entrenched with Apple’s on the desktop. Everything works great, but I do miss having access to Rapportive’s Gmail extension. It’s great at providing extra information related to the person you’re emailing with. To make up for this lack of […]

Automatically Reposition the iOS Simulator on Screen

If you work with two monitors of different sizes, Xcode has an annoying bug of launching the iOS Simulator partially off screen — forcing you to manually drag it into position using the mouse. It’s not that bad the first time, but after a full eight hour working day with hundreds of launches, it gets […]

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Dial a Phone Number Using Grand Central and PHP

If you’re lucky enough to have a Grand Central account, here’s a quick PHP class that will login to your account and dial a phone number. This is probably one of the more random bits of code I’ve ever written, but I think it’s useful. <?PHP $gc = new GrandCentral(‘gc_username’, ‘gc_password’); $gc->call($your_number, $their_number); And that’s […]

Managing Exchange Invites in Apple’s iCal

For better or worse, most of my coworkers live and die by their Exchange calendars. Unfortunately, as a developer working on a Mac 24/7, there aren’t many options for dealing with the barrage of Outlook invites I receive each day. I can either use Entourage which only kinda-sorta-works, or I can just deal with it […]

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