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No Phone Thursdays

One experiment I’ve been trying for the last two months is taking twenty-four hours each week to be entirely phone free. My goal is to give myself time back to focus on things that matter – rather than living in a half-distracted state all the time. I’ve chosen Thursdays. Anecdotally, it seems to be the […]

Unexcused Absence

I’ve been absent the last two months. When I laid it all out in the open last year, one of the worries I expressed was my fear of falling down again without realizing it. Depression is stealthy. Like a glacier. No matter how strong your defenses, you suddenly wake up one day to find it […]

Overcoming Anxiety and Getting Stuff Done With Lists

I know this may sound strange coming from someone who is such a heavy OmniFocus user, but lists and checklists have never really been a big motivational tool for me. I know many people, especially my mom, who write down what they need to get done on a piece of paper and simply will not […]

I Knew There Was Something Wrong With Me

It was when I raised my hand – my left one, never my right one – to answer a question in fifth grade that I knew there was something wrong with me. In that moment, what had simply been a matter of course turned into a conscious habit. I became aware for the first time […]