Dark City Director’s Cut

One of the best movies ever made just got even better.

The original 1998 release ran 96 minutes and the new director’s cut is about 15 minutes longer, clocking in at 111 minutes. The new cut supposedly has improved special effects and a new and improved sound mix . . . the new release also features two additional commentary tracks. —via /Film

I can’t recommend Dark City highly enough. If you’ve never seen it, go rent the DVD. After you watch it, start over and see it again with Roger Ebert’s commentary turned on.

Uncov Nails It

Uncov is good. But sometimes they’re great.

The proliferation of stupid is the cancer that is killing the
internet. In the quest to re-implement every conceivable desktop application
in Ajax, you mental midgets are setting computing back 10 years. The worst
part about it is, you think that you’re innovating.

What is Twitter?

Nat from O’Reilly Radar:

It reminded me of the time in my mis-spent youth when I got lost
in IRC, spending evenings heckling the TV with my IRC friends. This is the
geek equivalent of being stoner, by the way, with roughly the same effect on
cognition . . . It’s a very loosely-coupled conversation.

Spot on.

An interesting (but probably useless) hack would be to take an opensource IRC client and wrap it around Twitter’s API.