The Mac Won’t Be Sherlocked

With last week’s WWDC news announcing that Catalyst (Marzipan) is now an official thing, there have been a metric crap-ton of Twitter Hot Takes™ declaring UIKit the one true way forward. I’m not going to debate that. Instead, I just want to point out that not everything in computing revolves around a 44pt tap target […]

Keyboard Maestro macOS

Creating a Permanent SSH Tunnel Back to Your Mac at Home

Today’s post is a bit more technical than what I’ve been writing about lately, but it’s also partly for my own reference to save me some googling when I forget everything again in the future. I was always a big fan of Apple’s Back to My Mac service. I found it incredibly useful to be […]

iTunes Match Failed Me

Remember iTunes Match? It's great. But Apple stopped promoting it (probably rightly so) a couple years ago when they realized they could make more money charging $10/month for Apple Music than Match's $25/year. Anyway, I loved it and still do. It uploads all of your digital music to Apple's cloud and makes it streamable on […]

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Backing Up Shared iCloud Photo Albums and Where to Find Them on Disk

In my quest to backup ALL THE THINGS, I turned my attention earlier this week to the shared iCloud Photo Albums my friends and family use to pass around photos and videos of our kids. All of the items in my iCloud library (and my wife’s library) are combined and backed up to Google Photos […]

Fixing a Broken Service With a Tiny Bit of Automation

This post is a nice, unintentional follow-up to yesterday’s one about backing up all of my family’s photos and home videos. Anyway… My kids go to a fantastic daycare. My wife and I couldn’t be happier. The teachers are wonderful, they love our children, and our kids adore them, too. But, the third-party service the […]

Backing Up Everything (Again)

This will take a while. Bear with me. I’m obsessive about backing up my data. I don’t want to take the chance of ever losing anything important. But that doesn’t mean I’m a data hoarder. I like to think I’m pragmatic about it. And I don’t trust anyone else to do it for me. From […]

A Stupid Idea?

I have a stupid idea. Bear with me… Apple’s new MacBook Pro is rumored to be updated later this year with the function keys replaced with a tappable OLED display. The idea being this display could change based on the app you’re using. But what if it wasn’t just the function keys. What if the […]