DIY Video Hosting

I've been a paying customer of Vimeo since 2014 - specifically, their Pro plan. But when my renewal email arrived in April, myself and other small developers were seeing sales slow down as the pandemic worsened. Another $240/year was a tough sell for the small amount of video content I was hosting with them, and I wondered if there might be a cheaper alternative - either another service or by hosting videos myself.

So this is how I moved off Vimeo and started hosting my own video content.

On average, my bandwidth bill has dropped to $11/month - and that includes videos, static assets, and ALSO binary downloads for all of my Mac apps. Previously, I was paying $20/month just for video hosting on top of the rest of my bandwidth.

It's definitely a geekier solution that requires more work up front to setup, and I'm not sure I would recommend it for a "real" business, but for my needs it was a fun project and I'm happy to save $200 a year.

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JavaScript - A Bedtime Story

It all started with a nightlight that looked like a snowman and ended up taking 89 lines of JavaScript to make my kids go to sleep.

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Followup: Comparing my Current B2 Storage Costs against Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive

This is a quick followup to my post from this week about backing up my family’s photos and home videos with Google Photos and B2. A reader asked why I use B2 over Amazon's cheaper S3 Glacier alternative. I started to reply directly, but then like everything I write, it kept growing. And then I thought my answer might be interesting to others as well. So, here you go...

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Automatically Compressing Your Amazon S3 Images Using Yahoo!'s Service

I'm totally obsessed with web site performance. It's one of those nerd niches that really appeal to me. I've blogged a few times previously on the topic. Two years ago, (has it really been that long?) I talked about my experiences rebuilding this site following the best practices of YSlow....

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Serving Static Content on Amazon S3 with s3up

I've written twice about using Amazon S3 to host your website's static content. It's a great solution for small websites without access to a real content delivery network. And now that Amazon has launched CloudFront on top of S3, it's even better. But there are still ways we can improve the...

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Amazon S3 Improvements in PHP-AWS

Two and a half years ago I began working with Amazon Web Services — first with S3 and then SQS and EC2. The code was eventually cleaned up and released as an open source project called PHP-AWS. Since then, it has remained relatively unchanged. Just bug fixes and the occasional...

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Using Amazon S3 as a Content Delivery Network

[Update: You might also be interested in s3up for storing static content in Amazon S3.] Earlier this week I posted about my experience redesigning this site, focusing on optimizing my page load times using YSlow. A large part of that process involved storing static content (images, stylesheets, JavaScript) on Amazon S3...

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