Amazon PHP AWS

PHP-AWS is a collection of PHP classes for accessing Amazon's AWS platform. It supports Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS).

Project History

I began writing PHP-AWS in June of 2006 before there were any established AWS PHP libraries. Support for EC2 and SQS came when Sitening began development on Basejumpr in the Fall of that year. Basejumpr was the first real test of the code base - coordinating multiple EC2 instances with SQS and managing gigabytes of data in S3 - it held up nicely. In fact, it's still being actively used in Sitening's new Raven SEO Tools.

Open Source

PHP-AWS was released under the MIT Open Source License in January 2007 and is hosted publicly on GitHub. You're encouraged to download the code, use it in your own projects, and submit bug reports and feature requests. Code contributions are always welcome, too.

However, please note that this project is pretty much abandoned now that Amazon's official PHP SDK is available. Still, if you just want a single file to drop into a project rather than a whole SDK's worth of dependencies, give it a try.


If you're reading this page, you might also be interested in s3up. It's a command line tool that makes storing your static content (images, stylesheets, JavaScript) in S3 easy. Specifically, it follows the best practices of YSlow and sets the appropriate gzip and expiration headers so you get maximum performance when using S3 as a content delivery network.